Our Mission Stands Strong

During these unsettling times, we are dedicated to protecting the health of our employees while ensuring business continuity and the highest standards of service delivery to our clients.

Since inception, the “magic” of Trissential has been our ability to recognize everyone’s individuality and particular life situation and respond thoughtfully. We know this means more conversations and it’s a more complex/costly business model to run. Spending more time on people instead of creating blanket policies in a “one size fits all” way may create inefficiencies, and could even produce less revenue to the bottom line. At the end of the day and especially at times like this, we know it’s worth it.

In a business that sells people to people, how can we not be the best at taking care of people? We didn’t start the company to be the most efficient or most profitable, but we did create it to be the BEST life experience for our employees and clients. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of everyone who interacts with Trissential – this is what we are most proud of. If people know we care and value them as an individual, we are well on our way to accomplish all we ever wanted in business! – Keith Korsi, Founder & CEO

Business Insights Around COVID-19

TAC – Together Against Coronavirus

We have organized ourselves around our parent company’s global mission TAC – Together Against Coronavirus. Here are some of the ways our organization has helped in the fight against this global pandemic:

  • Mobilized Expleo’s Innov Labs to product protective visors using 3D printers – TAC Team France
  • Donated 16,000 protective masks and 520 personal protective gear (full bodysuits and shoe cover) to the Greater Chennai Corporation for the use of healthcare workers and frontline heroes – TAC Team India
  • Employees volunteering to run food delivery service to vulnerable people – TAC Team UK