In her spare time, Software Development Engineer Theja Nanneboina loves all the outdoor adventures Minnesota can offer. Yet it’s really self-mastery that provides her biggest motivation.¬† Learn more about Theja in our latest Trissential spotlight:

What makes you excited to start work each day?

I have an eye for detail and feel proud to catch quality issues before they get to production.¬† I also love the value automation adds for quality control. Humans err, but a machine doesn’t.¬†

What’s your biggest motivation in life?

Love and striving for self-mastery 

What is the most important accomplishment of your career? 

After five years of IT experience, I feel very confident in my leadership abilities and being able to clearly communicate with all parties.  

What do you do when you are not working?

I love being outdoors and traveling. During the summer I kayak, paddleboard, bike, and hike around the Minnesota lakes. During the winter I am reading, listening to podcasts, watching TV. I am always thinking about the next adventure I can go on. 

What was your inspiration to enter the technology field? 

When my mom bought our first personal computer in my 8th grade, I was amazed at everything it could do. My school did a great job at introducing programming languages at an early age. Also, there are women role models in technology from my family. 

Who is your biggest hero? 

My uncle. He is the first person in our family to move to the United States more than 25 years ago. I am always in awe of his courage.  

What’s the best part about being a Senior Technical Engineer?¬†

I love being a mentor and answering functional and technical questions.

How would you describe Trissential in five words or less? 

  • Client-Focused¬†
  • Tight-knit
  • Pioneer
  • Innovation
  • Approachable

What would you be doing if you hadn’t gone into technology consulting?¬†

I love psychology. I would have done my MS in coaching/counseling to become a coach/therapist