Be The Match removes human error from lifesaving process with Trissential

Increased engagement
Increase in employee satisfaction with more focus on donor related tasks

No more manual entry
Spreadsheet manipulation, emails, and other admin time reduced from 120 minutes per run to under 12

Game changing time savings
Reallocation of time – 40 minutes – when a robot waits for an application to run, giving time back to BTM’s workforce


Stepped approach to growth delivers cost and time saving automations for eir

Intelligent productivity
Order provisioning robot reduces processing time by 60%

Back to business as usual
Robots deployed to clear COVID-19 backlog processed 45,000 regulatory documents with 99.8% success rate

Menial work for machines
Automated order and document processing saves over 3,000 man-hours for finance and 10,000 for sales


Trissential Process Automation implementation saves client $2 million on a single process

Smarter operations
Coding standards implemented to existing work practices enhances process management and increases process volumes

Advanced automation
Deploying robots to deliver customer claim information reduced costs by $2 million

Long-term savings
Robots carrying out a compliance process is expected to generate a $4 million saving over the next three years


Process Automation does not replace human jobs.
It enriches them.

Your robots process hundreds of invoices in record time, handle 80,000 orders in a week, and review thousands of legal contracts, error-free. Your humans take all the credit.

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