Trissential’s software Quality services include our Quality Kickstart. In short, this quick testing method is used to align your quality maturity with your business goals and organizational strategy.

Our team facilitates discovery workshops to help us understand your Quality needs at a strategic, technical, and resource level. In other words, our goal is to use our software quality services to meet you where you are today. Above all, we will provide pragmatic and practical solutions that will help you digitalize your Quality practice. 

What are the outcomes? We will prepare a Quality strategy and roadmap that will provide you with a clear understanding of where you land on the Quality maturity scale. For instance, we will articulate your:

  • Alignment between organizational and project Quality goals
  • Technical complexities and their impacts on your Quality outcomes
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Strengths and improvement opportunities
  • Quality service area gaps

How long will it take? More often then not, Trissential completes the Quality Kickstart assessment in a few 2-hour workshops. However the timeline is dependent on your schedule and resource availability.

Who is involved? Our software Quality services include your PMO, BAs, Tech Leads, Architects, and Quality Leadership.

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