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At Trissential, we know the highly challenging global business environment and how COVID-19 has changed the way we work forever. Technological developments and digital disruptors continue to shape the landscape, against a backdrop of economic uncertainty.

At the same time customer expectations are growing as they demand high-quality products and services delivered to a timescale that fits their needs. Businesses are accelerating the speed and agility required to remain competitive. If you’re not already leveraging a process automation tool, you’re incurring unnecessary costs and likely falling behind your competition.

RPA benefits

RPA technologies provide any organization with an agile digital workforce. Robots can automate full or partial processes as well as integrate disparate systems to deliver multiple business benefits. Expleo’s Process Automation services work in partnership with our clients to enable them to optimize the delivery of their process improvements and automation initiatives. We ensure all initiatives are aligned to the organization’s overall strategy and goals to build out best practice and quality delivering maximum benefits to the client.

Established and proven methodology

Trissential has a dedicated Process Automation Practice which has developed and refined a methodology to address both the technical and business automation needs of an organization. The Trissential Process Automation Methodology consists of:

  • MORSE: An enterprise grade Business Process Management (BPM) methodology – which encompasses Robotic Process Automation and ensuring process suitability
  • Trissential’s Process Automation Lifecycle: Aligned with industry tooling partners recommended best practice
  • Center of Excellence and Best Practice Robotic Operating Model

Taking these elements into account ensures coverage in areas such as governance, Change Management, and enterprise-wide collaboration across both business and technology considerations.

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Client Success Stories

Telecommunications Case Study

Built a secure and scalable delivery model allowing for sustained and quick growth

Financial Services Case Study

Reduced cost and increased efficiency