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Trissential is more than just quality testing. Certainly, we have unique end-to-end quality management and software quality assurance testing and consulting solutions. So as part of the world’s leading independent software quality assurance provider, we can dramatically improve your business results. Read about our parent company, Expleo.

Our quality services enable organizations to deliver quality while reducing overall Business Risk. Our clients measure success through low brand and value damaging production issues, high confidence in releases and low support costs. To clarify, we’re not one-size-fits-all. Instead, Trissential meets you where your organization is on your Quality journey, whatever level you’re at.

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9 ways to drive quality assurance with business agility

During the 2010s, nearly all companies started a move towards greater levels of business agility. However, few have managed to move beyond the rudimentary levels of continuous agile delivery. The 2020s needs to be the decade of realization and reward. This report explores how testing and quality are key to accelerating the transformation to business agility over the next 10 years.

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