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Trissential works with companies to help them outperform their markets and increase the speed of business. Our Digital Transformation team works with you to increase the flow of business value by creating new products, harnessing your data and creating business and technical agile architectures that adapt to changing business and customer needs.

Our Digital Solutions Services

Enterprise Agility
  • Business Agility
  • Agility Enablement
  • Agile Delivery
Data Analytics
& Data Science
  • Data-Centric Strategy
  • Modern Data Architecture
  • Advanced Analytics & Science
  • Data Governance & Literacy
Software Engineering, Cloud
& Hyperautomation
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Cloud Strategy & Optimization
  • Hyperautomation
  • DevOps

Business Agility AntiPatterns™

Business Agility AntiPatterns™ are the foundation of Trissential’s unique and proprietary approach to help companies remove impediments while accelerating organizational agility, ultimately leading to a sustainable competitive advantage.

We’ve gained deep expertise with Business Agility while working with some of the world’s largest and successful corporations. Based on this experience, we established 20 of the most common impediments and costly mistakes in organizations.

Business Agility AntiPatterns™ help recognize and eliminate these roadblocks, allowing companies to efficiently and effectively increase delivery of business value, high performing teams, rapid response to business and customer needs, continuous learning, innovation, and more.

AntiPatterns Benefits*
  • Ability to better manage changing priorities
  • Improved business/IT alignment
  • Improved speed-to-market
  • Increased team productivity
  • Improved team morale

*Based on experience and industries largest survey of over 10,000 participants

Connect with our Expert

Craig Thielen

Head of Digital Solutions

Joining Trissential in 2007, Craig Thielen is passionate about helping organizations gain digital transformation for sustained competitive advantage.

For 25+ years, Craig has been a highly sought-after consultant and has advised many world-class global organizations. He is a globally recognized thought leader, speaker, and writer on the topics of Data Centricity, Business Agility, Enterprise Transformation, Innovation, Culture, Change Leadership, and Strategy.

Craig also serves as Head of Global Services and Innovation for our parent company, Expleo. While driving improvement on the global scale, the awareness and access to our wide global capabilities and experience is a huge benefit to our clients.

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