We see quality differently

Trissential’s Quality Solutions enable organizations to decrease time to market, deliver high quality software projects while reducing business risk, and increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction. We believe:

  • Quality is an organizational responsibility. Quality as an afterthought, or as the responsibility of a small group, is no longer acceptable in today’s business climate
  • Quality can be done efficiently, effectively, transparently, and at a reasonable cost
  • Meeting our clients where they’re at is paramount to helping them drive innovation through practical, maintainable, continuously improving quality outcomes

Our Quality Solutions Services

Quality Management
& Test Automation
  • Quality Maturity
  • Quality Competency Center
  • Specialty Testing Services

Quality Kickstart

Trissential’s Quality Kickstart is an accelerated method that aligns your organization’s current testing maturity with its business goals and strategies. The Kickstart is designed to identify meaningful actions and measurable activities to meet all of your Quality goals. FULL OVERVIEW HERE

Connect with our Expert

Jeff Chartos

Head of Quality Solutions & PLM

Jeff brings 25+ experience leading initiatives in Software Quality Assurance across several business verticals. He contributes exceptional experience and expertise in solutioning software quality assurance challenges. Before Trissential, Jeff held various leadership roles to improve IT QA departments and delivery.

Jeff has worked with multiple Fortune 500 clients including SPSS/IBM, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Trading Technologies, and General Motors. He specializes in software quality and delivery improvement by innovating and implementing solutions related to lean/agile methodologies and concepts. Jeff was also a professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Kentucky.

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