Modern Business Agility: A sector for change

There can be no doubt that the way of doing business has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. This is due in no small part to technology and the impact that it has had on almost every profession.  All industries, not just those in the technology space, have faced disruption on a previously unimaginable … Continued

Implement the Mindset, Not Another Framework: The Age of Knowledge Workers

Taylorism was a popular management approach of the early 20th century applied to industrial and manufacturing organizations. Taylorism strived to break down work into small and repeatable tasks that could be taught to people even with limited education. Many companies still apply this approach today. Taylorism is focused on individual performance (i.e. How many widgets … Continued

Cargo Cults & Agility

A quick internet search of “Cargo Cult” will yield some interesting images, such as the image pictured right, which showed up near the top of my search. According to Wikipedia, “A cargo cult is a millenarian movement first described in Melanesia which encompasses a range of practices and occurs in the wake of contact with … Continued