Digital Workforce: Once a luxury, now a necessity

The pandemic us into a new world of working. While many businesses suffer, others are struggling to cope with the increase in demand for their services. To limit economic damage, and to manage new workloads, businesses and governments are turning to a digital workforce. Businesses that are seeing major spikes in customer activity are in … Continued

Win the Recovery

Do we really want to go back to ‘Business as Usual?’ Or rather win the recovery and go back to ‘Business as Unusual?’ COVID-19 has forced organizations to become more agile in their business and operations. Companies are making faster decisions with fewer people. Remote collaboration and digital communication have increased. Planning and new idea generation … Continued

Implementing Robotic Process Automation

The highly challenging global business environment has become even more competitive recently, due to COVID-19. Technological developments and digital disruptions continue to shape the landscape, against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty. Concurrently, customer expectations are growing, as they demand high quality products and services delivered to a specific timescale. This places pressure on … Continued

Lessons from Leaders

What do you do when a global pandemic disrupts your organization’s priorities? When you lead the organization’s portfolio team, you tap into the deeply ingrained risk management practices and determine the strongest response to ensure the best possible outcome. You celebrate the wins, capture lessons learned, and leverage a community of subject matter experts to … Continued

One Size Fits One – The People Side of Managing in a Meltdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the global economy to such a grinding halt that oil has reached an unprecedented negative selling price – producers are paying ‘buyers’ to take it. Lockdown and shelter-at-home orders are in place across the world and most are extending beyond their initial timelines. Those employees fortunate enough to be able … Continued

Business Innovation During COVID-19: (Re)Invention

Charles R Swindoll famously wrote “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”   The primary focus of our global response to the pandemic has rightly been people’s health. However, the lockdown and “economic pause” means we have a changed economic and business landscape. Leaders are now beholden to rise … Continued

Change Reaction: How Your Business Can Adapt to the New Normal

Organizations have been propelled into the digital age – not by choice, but by necessity. While some have struggled to adapt, others have excelled as they embrace remote working across teams and locations, while continuing to push their business agenda. Of course, sector and business type play a significant role: organizations that are predominantly office-based … Continued