Business Agility: Lean Agile Approaches to Work

Lack of alignment in an organization causes frustration and slows execution to a crawl. Cross business unit teams with dependencies can cause even greater difficulty in alignment to an organization’s objectives and initiatives. Many frameworks assume that Enterprise Agility is simply Kanban or Scrum scaled across the organization with a communication mechanism added for communicating … Continued

Change Reaction: How Your Business Can Adapt to the New Normal

Organizations have been propelled into the digital age – not by choice, but by necessity. While some have struggled to adapt, others have excelled as they embrace remote working across teams and locations, while continuing to push their business agenda. Of course, sector and business type play a significant role: organizations that are predominantly office-based … Continued

Implement the Mindset, Not Another Framework: The Age of Knowledge Workers

Taylorism was a popular management approach of the early 20th century applied to industrial and manufacturing organizations. Taylorism strived to break down work into small and repeatable tasks that could be taught to people even with limited education. Many companies still apply this approach today. Taylorism is focused on individual performance (i.e. How many widgets … Continued