Lessons from Leaders

What do you do when a global pandemic disrupts your organization’s priorities? When you lead the organization’s portfolio team, you tap into the deeply ingrained risk management practices and determine the strongest response to ensure the best possible outcome. You celebrate the wins, capture lessons learned, and leverage a community of subject matter experts to … Continued

Lessons Learned from 4th Graders That I Take to Work – Lesson 5 of 5

Lesson 5: “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance” – Samuel Johnson Children’s instinctive capability to shrug off problems, obstacles, and failures to achieve success is one of their most amazing characteristics – check out this great example. While on our five-day trip to Wolf Ridge, I witnessed children constantly wielding this skillset; … Continued

Lessons Learned from 4th Graders That I Take to Work – Lesson 4 of 5

Each of these lessons I share with you, I learned while chaperoning my son’s school trip at Wolf Ridge. In this fourth installment of my blog five-part blog series “Lessons Learned from 4th Graders That I Take to Work”, I’ll cover the benefits of allowing your self-formed team to make key decisions by themselves, ultimately … Continued

Lessons Learned from 4th Graders That I Take to Work – Lesson 3 of 5

In the first two installments of my blog about what I’ve learned from 4th graders, I talked about the importance of emotional intelligence and how freeing and how effective it can be for leaders to not always “be on.” In this installment, I’ll be discussing how participating and getting your hands dirty from time to time can help leaders … Continued

Business Agility: A Market for Change in the Business Sector

There can be no doubt that the way of doing business has changed dramatically over the last 30 years, due in no small part to technology and the impact that it has had on almost every profession.  All industries, not just those in the technology space, have faced disruption on a previously unimaginable level, and … Continued

Lessons Learned from 4th Graders That I Take to Work – Lesson 2 of 5

In my previous blog, I shared my first lesson learned while chaperoning 4th graders on a week-long school field trip – the importance of using emotional intelligence to connect with your product team in order to norm and perform. In this blog, I’ll address the second lesson I learned: you don’t always have to be … Continued

Predicting the Future – Correctly

Companies hire on resumes and fire on behavior. What if you could hire on predicted behavior? In the mid-19th century, the field of psychometrics was born, and we now have different survey tools to let us get-to-know our fellow man and ourselves better. I have tested many of these tools, yet often found myself frustrated … Continued

$70M in Sales and I Never Sold a Thing

When I was a senior in college, my thoughts about salespeople altered radically. At that time, my definition of a person in sales was probably similar to many of yours: Salesperson (n) homemade defn: a person who tries to convince others to purchase goods or services that have little to no value – for the … Continued

Top 4 Reasons Business Transformation is Dead

Business Transformation has been all the rage the last 5 years or so as large organizations attempt to cure a myriad of ills in one fell swoop with a large initiative.  These programs typically involve a significant change or clarity in strategy. This in turn drives business model change, re-structuring, business process improvement, large scale … Continued