Business Agility: Lean Agile Approaches to Work

Lack of alignment and Lean Agility approaches in an organization causes frustration and slows execution to a crawl. When business unit teams have major dependencies on other teams, there can be even greater difficulty in alignment to an organization’s objectives and initiatives. Many structures assume that Enterprise Agility is simply Kanban or Scrum, scaled across … Continued

Implement the Mindset, Not Another Framework: The Age of Knowledge Workers

Taylorism was a popular management approach of the early 20th century applied to industrial and manufacturing organizations. Taylorism strived to break down work into small and repeatable tasks that could be taught to people even with limited education. Many companies still apply this approach today. Taylorism is focused on individual performance (i.e. How many widgets … Continued

What can Business Learn From Google’s AlphaGo?

AlphaGo is Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine aimed at tackling the world’s most demanding strategy game, Go. Google announced it is stepping down from competitive matches after defeating the world’s best talent. The latest to succumb was Go’s top-ranked player, Ke Jie, who lost 3-0 in a series hosted in China. The AI, developed by London-based DeepMind, which was acquired by Google for … Continued