Keith Korsi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Keith Korsi co-founded Trissential in 2003. In addition to his responsibilities to the company as CEO, Keith also manages Trissential’s executive leadership team and sales division.

An industry veteran of 29 years, Keith is a recognized thought leader and sought-after speaker who has a strong reputation for building and maintaining relationships for mutual success. His unique ability to combine top down visionary thinking with bottom up execution, has enabled Trissential’s continued success.

Trevor Luyt

Head of Delivery, Operations & Professional Services

Trevor joined Trissential’s parent company SQS (now Expleo Group) in 2000. In 2004 he started up the South African division which he then grew and ran for 15 years. He now leads North America, directing a team of dynamic people to efficiently and effectively transform organizations through quality, while improving the world through technology.

Trevor brings 27+ years’ experience and a record of superior results in a variety of challenging and multicultural environments. He has a unique blend of visionary leadership and executive business savvy with competencies to spearhead strategic planning and bottom line results.

Kelli Mack

Director of Operations

Kelli Mack is Director of Operations, joining the Trissential team in 2009. With her 25 years in the consulting services industry, Kelli combines strong business and human resource expertise to strategically partner with business leaders to meet the organization’s goals. She is a versatile employee relations professional with a strong passion for business process, consulting operations and creative problem-solving.

Mark Sirianni

Senior Director of Finance

Mark Sirianni joined Trissential’s parent company SQS (now Expleo Group) in 2013. He is responsible for delivering timely and accurate financial reporting as well as managing all accounting and finance operations for Trissential.

With over 24 years of experience and demonstrated ability, Mark’s financial expertise provides the foundation for the financial administration of the organization. He offers broad management, internal control and strategic advice to senior management. ​

Jim Mohs

Sales Essentialist™

Jim Mohs is the Principal and Sales Essentialist™, joining the team in 2006. He exceeds client expectations with ease of communication, developing strategic and trusting relationships, and delivering high quality solutions.

Over his 30+ year career, Jim has honed a natural partnering style, which paired with his ability to discern client-critical insight, allows him to help clients efficiently and effectively achieve their business and IT objectives.

Jon Whitcomb

Sales Essentialist™

Jon works with our clients to understand their business and provide services and solutions to support their strategy. He leads the Minnesota sales team and is responsible for expanding our solutions within our current clients and developing new relationships.

Prior to Trissential, Jon was President of Upton Hill, Chief Operating Officer at ITR Group and VP of Sales for Digineer. Jon brings 25 years of experience and a proven track record of success in business and technology consulting.

Liz Harvey

Director of Recruiting

Liz Harvey worked as Senior Recruiter with Galmont Consulting in 2003, moving over to Trissential through acquisition in 2015. She is now Director of Recruiting, bringing her 20+ years’ experience, high sense of urgency, organization and motivation to lead the organization’s recruitment efforts. Liz is a highly regarded leader on the Trissential team, offering broad management and decisive decision making.

Craig Thielen

Chief Essentialist™ Business Agility

Craig Thielen joined Trissential in 2007 and as Chief Essentialist™, he ensures we continually provide relevant and high value services in an ever-changing world. Craig is passionate about helping organizations gain business agility for sustained competitive advantage.

Craig also serves as the Head of Global Services and Innovation for our parent company, Expleo Group. While driving improvement on the global scale, this benefits our local clients by having awareness and access to our wide and deep global capabilities and experience.

For 25+ years, Craig has been a highly sought-after consultant and has advised many world-class global organizations. He is a globally recognized thought leader, speaker, and writer on the topics of business agility, enterprise transformation, innovation, culture, change leadership, and strategy.

Robert Gormley

Chief Essentialist™ – Continuous Quality

Robert has worked for 18+ years in Quality Assurance and worked his way up through the ranks delivering digital transformation through quality management strategies with fortune 100 companies across all industries. From his early days to present day, Robert’s focus has always been on creating lean, agile processes that allow organizations to produce quality software that meets customer needs.

Robert leads companies to transform their business through Agile, DevOps, CI/CD, RPA, and Automation. Leveraging his Master’s in Education, and Certified Scrum Master, Robert’s passion for quality innovation and transformation drives him to train and mentor companies and specialists throughout the globe.