Our mission

Trissential was created to improve companies and the lives of people by providing high value management consulting. We strive to be the “Company of Choice” – The consulting firm every organization wants to hire and the place where everyone wants to work. Our mission from day one is “to have a positive impact on the life of anyone who interacts with Trissential.” We have a strong desire to help companies and people get better.

Trissential – A new breed of technology partner

Our consulting firm is completely focused on value – to the client and the consultant, which has developed into a high-touch, high-value, solution-based firm that has revolutionized the industry. We have been referred to as the ‘third alternative’ – with the client focus, responsiveness and value of local boutiques and the high end capabilities, IP and global reach of the big guys… all in one.

With 15,000 people strong in 25+ countries, we bring local relationship and trust, global reach, and industry depth.        

Our core values

With a commitment to a dynamic, collaborative, knowledgeable company, we are able to provide just that for those we serve. Our core values are a part of who we are as an organization, and are brought to life by every one of our employees:

Passionate, Positive, Professionalism
This is how we choose to get up and act with our teams and our clients.

Humble Confidence
To us, this is about mastery level skills, expertise, and experience without ego.

Team Attitude
This is the heart of Trissential. Everything we do is based on teamwork.

Earned Trust
Our whole business is built on trust. We understand trust is gained through dedication and commitment and it is kept through results and fairness.