How to increase accuracy, efficiency, and employee engagement with Process Automation (PA)

Be The Match (BTM) , operated by the National Marrow Donor Program®  (NMDP), manages the largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world.

Trissential has supported this work since 2014 as a strategic partner across management consulting, quality assurance and business transformation.

Thanks to this existing relationship, Trissential was able to identify processes that could be made more efficient through automation. The Trissential team conducted a proof of value to quickly validate the Process Automation (PA) tooling and business considerations.


  • Data collation from various sources still taking place manually
  • High potential for culture shock with Be The Match completely new to process automation


To increase acceptance and adoption, the Trissential team educated Be The Match users on the benefits of PA – how it could take on manual tasks and free up time to spend on more fulfilling work.

The process automated was the preparation of information used to communicate with potential matched bone marrow donors via text messages, emails, and letters to determine if they are willing to donate.

By removing human error from a process this critical, PA not only saved time and money but potentially saved lives too. As well as implementing our solution, the Trissential team demonstrated how to put people at the heart of PA. We highlighted upskilling opportunities and trained developers and a support team to facilitate growth of PA across Be The Match.

Be The Match partnered with Trissential to launch our RPA program, starting with a proof of value and then swiftly moving to a pilot to deploy our first robots. The team provided an approach that allowed us to build out automations while creating excitement around these new capabilities.

Be The Match Chief Information Officer, Michael Mccullough

Benefits Achieved

  • Spreadsheet manipulation, emails, and other admin time reduced from 120 minutes per run to under 12 minutes
  • Increase in employee satisfaction with more focus on donor related tasks
  • Reallocation of time – 40 minutes – when a robot waits for an application to run, giving time back to BTM’s workforce

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The Future of Work: An Analysis of Process Automation

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With humans and robots in harmony, you can quickly gain a competitive edge – By increasing productivity, efficiency, and profitability, and transforming your employee experience.