Supportive plans for your changing needs

Our health is our most vital asset – now more than ever. At Trissential we believe in a holistic approach to the care for our employees and their families. Our company offers a choice of four different healthcare plans, all that pay 100% of all routine preventative care and immunization costs.  Additionally, any employee who enrolls in a company-sponsored plan receives free telehealth and health advocacy. Trissential strives to keep our employees engaged in body and mind, offering monthly well-being challenges with motivational awards and peer encouragement.

“As a consultant, it’s been challenging to maintain the right level of benefits for my family. Trissential provides the flexibility of different plan options that help keep our costs as low as possible. Their plan focuses not just on illness but on wellness also, and I appreciate that. ” 
– Glen K., Trissential Consultant since 2014

Learn more about Trissential’s mission and values here. 

Benefit Plan Highlights

  • Preventive Care – Routine preventive care is covered at 100% from in- network providers. This includes annual wellness exams and certain screenings based on age for you and your covered dependents
  • Copay – The fixed-dollar amount you pay for doctor’s visits and prescription drugs with the Copay Plan. After you pay this amount, the plan pays the rest of the cost of your visit or prescription
  • Deductibles – You have a choice of four different deductible amounts across our four plan options
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum – Our plans have annual out-ofpocket maximums that “cap” the amount you must pay for covered expenses. Once you meet your out-of-pocket maximum, the plan pays your covered expenses for the rest of the calendar year
  • Vision – An optional vision plan helps reduce the cost of eyeglasses and other eye-related services for your family
  • Dental – An optional dental plan can help with expensive dental procedures and treatments

Download an overview of Trissential’s medical, dental and vision coverage options here.        

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

The Trissential plan offers a generous PTO package and even hourly employees can become eligible for sick leave.  Our Human Resources team searches constantly for the best options for our team, from the cool new Freshbenies app to options that offset the cost of pet care.  Plus we offer coaching to help you get the best from your benefits plan. Listen as our Head of People Services Mecca Robbins explains ways everyone can maximize their health plan and save money in the process.