Ensure a high-quality Product Lifecycle Management environment

Over the past decade, more companies of all sizes have embraced and adapted to a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environment. It is the enterprise system of record for most manufacturing organizations that manage complex Engineering and Manufacturing product data. With more users relying on PLM systems for their day-to-day tasks, it has become increasingly important to ensure a stable PLM environment is available to all users at all times.

Our Partnerships

In February of 2021, Expleo inked a new Global Alliance Agreement with Siemens. This gave Trissential the opportunity to introduce even more Siemens clients to our Product Lifecycle Management and Continuous Quality services. As a result, Trissential will be well-positioned to provide Quality Assurance (QA) strategy and implementation to a new market here in the U.S., and of course globally through Expleo. Get full details about our global partnership here.

Test Automation Framework

Through our strategic partnership with Siemens PLM and our involvement in Teamcenter product testing, we developed the Teamcenter Test Automation Framework (TAF). Comprised of a significant portion of the core test for Siemens Teamcenter, this framework can be reused to test implementations and integrations with CAD and ERP applications, helping organizations simplify and speed up repetitive testing, ensuring faster rollouts of systems or applications with fewer errors.

Our test automation teams have a proven track record in delivering cost savings and efficiencies through world-class test automation solutions, automated regression testing and implementation of automation best practices.


Electronics Case Study

Teamcenter / NX CAD Upgrades for global Electronics Leader and Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Automotive Case Study

Application stack mining to help identify business critical applications

Semiconductor Case Study

Teamcenter - Improved test coverage, detection and reliability with SAP Integration

Manufacturing Case Study

Multi release testing of highly customized Teamcenter providing an effective, efficient and scalable solution for test automation
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Trissential and Siemens take a deep dive into our unique global PLM partnership and QA solutions, including Test Automation Framework (TAF). Our solutions help expedite the adoption of new software features with more frequent, quicker release upgrade cycles as part of ongoing CI-CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) processes enabling Digital Transformation initiatives.