How to start small and scale for long term efficiency

The Dublin-based telecommunications company engaged Trissential to implement its Process Automation (PA) Center of Excellence — designed to nurture pilot PA projects to scale.

In a rapidly expanding and increasingly competitive market, eir was in need of a solution to increase efficiency, improve quality, enhance customer service and reduce costs.


  • Securing buy-in from senior leadership and key stakeholders
  • Laying foundations for long term scalable delivery of PA
  • Underlying applications and business processes changing frequently


To increase the likelihood of long term success, Trissential consultants ran a proof of value project. This starts by identifying and building skills among staff and running workshops to encourage engagement and excitement around PA. Two demo processes were then automated to demonstrate the value of the technology. With buy-in secured from senior leadership, funding was approved for a pilot. The pilot focused on automating business-critical processes in close collaboration with the IT and security departments to eliminate silos.

Trissential implemented PA development across MS-Windows and Citrix automating SAP Web MS-Office and multiple CRM and Sharepoint systems. At the same time, foundations for the PA Centre of Excellence were laid, putting in place a scalable delivery model that would allow for quick and sustained growth after the pilot phase.

eir partnered with Trissential for our RPA journey, starting with a pilot and building out a Center of Excellence to continue expanding our Digital Workforce. Trissential created and implemented an operating model that has been successful across sales, online and finance. Trissential is helping us extend to the broader organization with a clear focus on business benefits and relevant upskilling for our teams.

eir Chief Information Officer, Brian Chapman

Making PA work for everyone. The Trissential team engaged with key stakeholders throughout the 12-week process, educating staff on what PA could help them achieve, how their roles may change, and what would be required from their respective departments.

Trissential’s Process Automation Methodology and Best Practice were tailored to eir’s specific efficiency and cost reduction objectives, with success measured against pre-agreed criteria.

The foundation laid by a successful pilot program enabled the team to drive further automation across sales, finance, and customer operations.

Benefits Achieved

  • 10,000 man-hours saved in 2020 within online sales
  • 50,000 orders processed through robots in 2020
  • 3,500 man-hours saved in H1 2021 on a key finance process
  • 19,000 orders processed through robots in 2021
  • Order processing time reduced by 60%
  • Payment process reduced to 10 seconds
  • In 2020, 165,000 items processed within a core finance process – with a 99.8% success rate

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