In the digital world we need to move forward at the speed of light, then make rapid pivots, often on a moment’s notice to meet consumer demands and stay ahead of the competition. Not only do we have to make change fast – it has to be done in a way that we learn from, so we can consistently improve our results and customer value through continuous improvement.

To perform like this, you’ve got to recognize, anticipate and hit obstacles head on. Understanding and identifying business agility “anti-patterns” can help create and re-enforce an agility mindset, creating an environment that is conducive to high performing, continuously learning and incredibly effective teams and organizations. We often see organizations doing their very best, only to be stopped in their tracks by common impediments, what we call AntiPatterns. There are over 20 that we quite often see in organizations that if properly recognized can save millions of dollars and weeks and months of time saved to address. Some examples include:

  • There is more focus on METHODS than on MINDSET
  • Leadership is not actively leading and living the change, but has delegated it
  • The organization isn’t living and breathing a philosophy of continuous improvement at every level
  • Work in Progress (WIP) is more valued than completing work and delivering value

Uncovering and removing these AntiPatterns can help organizations: 

  • Better manage changing priorities
  • Improve alignment
  • Improve speed to market
  • Increase team productivity
  • Improve customer and employee satisfaction

Business Agility AntiPatterns identify broken links within organizations that can slow down or derail your best efforts. Wondering how many AntiPatterns exist in your area right now?

Take Trissential’s Business Agility Self-Survey and see what your answers reveal about possible roadblocks in your own organization.