By Keith Korsi, Trissential CEO and Founder

As we look toward the finish line of a year unlike any other, I wanted to reach out with a quick update on Trissential, an Expleo Company. Although 2020 has been challenging for all of us, I’m really proud of how our Trissential team has responded to these changes.

As COVID-19 continues to accelerate digital transformation in just about every aspect of our businesses (and our lives), our team is creating new solutions to help our customers meet their goals within the context of a new reality that none of us could have foreseen. We continue to leverage the deep trust we’ve built within our local partnerships along with the power of global reach and the reliability of best practices to drive business innovation and gain significant business advantage.
I’m not just proud of our team here at Trissential. I’m really proud of the way our business community in the U.S. has responded in the face of incredible hurdles in 2020. We’re showing some real ingenuity in how we not only get things done, but the way we are all using this pandemic to do things better, faster and smarter. I’m grateful for the relationships we have with our existing customers, which have grown even deeper as a result of the pandemic, and for those organizations that have given us our first chance to show what we can do.
Here’s to a brighter outlook in 2021. We’ve earned it. And if you have anything you’d like to connect with me on, my door is always open.
Keith Korsi
CEO and Founder, Trissential
Mobile: 262.613.1643
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