The PEP Squad (People Engagement Program) is a team dedicated to increasing the overall culture at Trissential. A few months ago, we put our team members to the test to identify ways we can live more sustainably. The goal of the challenge was to brainstorm new ways to embrace sustainable living in our own homes.

The clever members of the PEP Squad came up with 10 innovative ideas for anyone who wants to help reduce their own individual carbon footprint. See if any of these work for you!

10 Sustainability Ideas
  1. Use coffee grounds as homemade fertilizer in your garden to improve drainage, water retention, and aeration
  2. Replace plastic wrap with a washable, reusable wrap like Bee’s Wrap to store food and reduce single-use plastics in your kitchen
  3. Install exterior motion lights to reduce electricity usage and minimize light pollution and the ecological impacts of “sky glow”
  4. Replace disposable plastic baggies with reusable silicone food bunkers to store, cook, and eat food
  5. Install a rain barrel to capture and store water for reuse to save up to 1,300 gallons of water each summer
  6. Replace disposable paper towels with reusable unpaper towels to cut out unnecessary waste
  7. Choose reusable tissues and save over 3,100 single-use tissues from just one Last Tissue pack
  8. Save water and reduce utility bills by using any excess water to feed your plants
  9. Subscribe to Imperfect Foods to buy excess fruit and produce from grocery distribution systems that would otherwise go to waste
  10. Replace traditional light bulbs with LED light bulbs that last up to 35 times longer than traditional bulbs and use 75% less electricity

Trissential’s PEP Squad voted on all of these the great ideas and many more to determined two winners – Caty Dittrich and Gail Berglund! Thank you to all of our employees who participated with their thoughtful and frequent posts. We’re excited to get started on our next challenge around movement and exercise in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!