The rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought home the importance of business agility, across all sectors. It is no question that the dependency on technology has surged in recent months. As a result, those companies with the ready capacity to meet the disruption head-on have competed better than those without. For this reason, reliability has rarely proved a more valuable asset.

The 2010s were a decade of huge achievement in software development. Remember how long waterfall-based delivery used to take? The two-year lag times are thankfully a distant memory. But, if we’re honest, the expected progress to business agility hasn’t quite happened. Very few organizations have fully embrace the importance of business agility and the culture change that true agility requires. As such, they are yet to experience the benefits either.

The 2020s need to be the decade when agility really kicks on. Now, quality and testing must play a more prominent role in achieving this transformation. This means developing a strong ‘quality conscience’. As a result, organizations can better understand their risk appetite for defects and delays. When testing becomes normalized in every stage of production, then businesses can pre-risk undesirable events such as reputational damage. In short, it’s a false economy to try retrofit quality.

Use continuous quality to drive business agility

As businesses and society look to move on from the COVID disruption, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and go again. Check out 9 useful ways that testing and quality can help to accelerate business agility in the next decade.

  1. Automating the Quality Shadow
  2. Quality Engineering
  3. Incremental Confidence
  4. Organizational Quality
  5. Predictive Analysis
  6. Cross-fertilization
  7. Embedded Quality
  8. Business and IT Quality Leadership
  9. Quality Resilience from Trust

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