This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the experts at Trissential. 

With recent successful projects major healthcare and manufacturing accounts here in Minneapolis, Gulshan’s experience represents the depth and breadth representative of the Trissential team.  Gulshan is a Digital Product Analyst with extensive experience managing entire product development lifecycles,  leveraging traditional Waterfall and Agile frameworks.

A transplant from the East Coast where he worked for major retail and government organizations, Gulshan says he was “sold on Trissential the first time I spoke with the recruiting team. I have been given the independence and support to run my functions the way I deem fit. There also has been a lot of encouragement to pick up additional skills for some ambitious roles that I am pretty excited about.”

In his spare time Gulshan is taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors here in Minnesota and has even taken up hunting.  Joining Trissential has allowed him to switch from a consulting job where travel was more extensive and given him the chance to spend more time with his wife and two-year old daughter.