We’d like to thank the U.S Navy for putting Ben Johnson on a technical career path. He loves learning about new businesses to create strong solution requirements, leaving many happy clients in his wake – Meet Ben Johnson.

What makes you excited to start work each day? 

Having a goal to perform work (achieve goals) that will be of value to my client (and Trissential), makes me feel good about my accomplishments. I create a daily schedule in 15-minute increments that help drive me.

What’s your biggest motivation in life?

To leave this world in a better place than when I arrived.

What is the most important accomplishment of your career? 

Lead Normandale College’s Continuing Education department in implementing a new enrollment and curriculum management system, when the project team consisted of the (non-IT) administration department and me (as Project Manager, Trainer, Change Manager, Business Analyst, and QA).

What do you do when you are not working?

Hiking, gardening, golfing, bicycling, visiting with friends and relatives.

What was your inspiration to enter the tech field?

The US Navy. I was slotted into being an Electronics Technician, and have enjoyed it ever since.

Who is your biggest hero? 

Some may call it sappy, but it’s my mom and dad. My dad was an orphan during the Great Depression and my mom was the youngest of three, raised by a single mom during the Great Depression. They both worked hard (four part-time jobs) between them for many years while raising three kids. I credit my work ethic and values to their influence and the example they set for (and instilled in) us. 

What’s the best part about being a Lead Business Analyst? 

Getting to understand a business, breaking it down to detailed requirements, and instilling/testing those requirements in the solution that is built, results in a happy client.  

How would you describe Trissential in five words or less? 

Caring, enthusiastic, professional, and supportive.

What would you be doing if you hadn’t gone into technology consulting? 

Manager of a number of Jewel Food Stores (was my first job, and they were pushing me into management when I decided to join the Navy (as a supply clerk before they pushed me into IT… see above).