Trissential made a huge difference in helping accelerate our agility journey.

Vice President of Solution Delivery

Trissential’s beverage company client has been brewing beverages for 200+ years and is one of the largest beverage companies in the world, having sold in roughly 100 countries.


Our client embarked on their SAFe/Agile journey in early 2021. They needed a trusted and experienced partner to guide their transformation for organizing around value, improving the flow of work, and embracing a lean-agile mindset across the enterprise.


Trissential engaged a team of SAFe SPC Agile coaches to focus on the SAFe Implementation Roadmap, Agile Release Train (ART), team coaching, planning next steps for the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE), Lean Portfolio Management (LMP), and development, security and operations (DevSecOps).

Phase one of the engagement focused on assessment, rapid coaching to improve flow and SAFe best practices with ART leadership, and identification of the highest value next phase of work.

Phase two focused on value stream identification, ART structure optimization, ART planning (strategic themes, vision, roadmaps, OKRs), and implementation of plans for LACR and LPM.

On-going coaching at the ART and Team levels across all roles enabled improvements in the seven SAFe competencies, along with value delivery, the flow of work, and consistency across ARTs and teams demonstrated through metrics, assessments, and individual feedback.


Our client leveraged this engagement to strengthen their SAFe/Agile foundation. Additionally, we advanced the enablement of the Internal team in their ongoing Agile journey. Through a revisit of value streams, our client is better organized around value for existing and planning for future ARTs. The LACE has advanced to prepare for continued maturity and growth. This includes readiness for continued expansion of LPM as they continue to scale their agile practices.

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