What makes you excited to start work each day? 

Knowing I am improving at least one person’s work life; finding something to streamline their work, show them how to do something better, or find a way to automate or at least simplify tedious work they do.

Up until today, what’s the most important accomplishment of your career?

Probably my work with a health insurance client. For all its travails and bad press, we stood up a brand new joint private/governmental agency from nothing and with no technology.

What inspired you to enter the technology field?

As a Teaching Assistant in college, the professors asked me to analyze and provide feedback on a new accounting software package they received. It was my first introduction to software and computers and I was hooked. I found couldn’t leave the technology bug alone and eventually joined the technology field.

What would you be doing if you hadn’t gone into technology consulting?

Probably teaching. Even in college, I had several professors encourage me to go this route and even today I enjoy this aspect of my work.

What do you do when you’re not working? 

So many things. All types of ethnic foods, both cooking and eating. Genealogy (I have ancestors who lived in the shadow of Frankenstein’s castle and my wife is distantly related to both Clyde Barrow and Daniel Boone).

What part of Trissential’s core values do you connect with best and why?

Humble confidence. This fits my own personality perfectly and I also feel this trait is the best way to connect with a client and for staff and leadership to trust what you say.

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