Steve Fastabend works as a Business Agility consultant for Trissential on high-risk, high-impact initiatives. While he’s focused on leaving each client better off after an engagement, family is the center of his life. Read more about what makes Steve tick in our newest team member spotlight – Meet Steve Fastabend.

What makes you excited to start work each day?

Typically my engagements are centered around helping clients get things done that they can not accomplish using their traditional approach. These are often high-risk, high-impact efforts that call on people and organizations to change. I am excited to have the opportunity to work on a “once in a career project” at each client engagement.

What’s your biggest motivation in life?

Enhancing the lives of everyone I touch.

What is the most important accomplishment of your career?

This was a hard one. As I look back over my career it is not the things I have done that I would count as my biggest accomplishments. Instead, it is the relationships I have built. I strive to leave every client in a better place than when I started and leave with a relationship that would have them welcome me back, should they need me. But the real measure of my success at the names of the people that I have worked with that I keep in touch with and count as friends.  

What do you do when you are not working?

Family is certainly the center of my life, no activity is more important than the time I spend with them. Besides that, I like to build furniture, teach downhill skiing in the winter and go at least 1000 miles on my bicycle every summer.

What was your inspiration to enter the technology field?

I love the challenge of building something or making something work. I get real satisfaction out of solving problems.

Who is your biggest hero?

I like to read and I like history so there so many great examples that I can’t choose one. I look at the topic and different people come time mind. Some examples (leadership Abraham Lincoln), (technology Nicoli Tesla), (great thinking Leonardo Da Vinci). Also if you look around there are people that do heroic things every day. How could I choose one when the world is so full of them. The world is full of heros you just have to look for them.

What’s the best part of your job?

Helping people realize that their full potential is beyond what they think.

How would you describe Trissential in five words or less?

This company lives its values. Passionate, Positive Professionalism – Humble Confidence – Team Attitude and Earned Trust all mean something here.

What would you be doing if you hadn’t gone into technology consulting?

I suspect that I would be teaching. Not sure what I would teach but I find it very rewarding for me.