After countless conversations at Realize Live 2022, our team saw a common theme among attendees. Today, companies are struggling with the pace of change required to keep up with transformational business demands while simultaneously maintaining quality and avoiding disruptions.

Certainly, there is growing excitement around the Manufacturing and Engineering spaces. Likely, this is due to the combination of new, enabling technologies and market pressures.

Indeed, Trissential’s end-to-end quality solutions got a great deal of attention at this event. Our Test Automation Framework, Load and Performance testing services, and additional PLM solutions, all aid in planning smarter, organizing better, improving quality, and increasing cost savings and efficiencies. Additionally, we were not only an exhibitor, but we are also a Global SI Partner.

Our Realize Live 2022 Presentations

Firstly, our PLM expert, Tarun Philar, presented Sustainable Continuous Quality – An overview of Trissential’s parent company, Expleo, and our unique value proposition around sustainable continuous quality strategies.

Then, Trissential’s Senior Solution Architect, Santosh Aher, and Wabtec’s (GE Transportation) Release and Test Manager, Tony Dorazio co-presented Performance Testing Solution for Teamcenter and NX – An interactive session with a great testimony of how we have partnered with Wabtec to transform and improve quality. We were happy to see how much buzz this presentation created this year as conversations spilled out into the hallway after the session.

If you did attend and stopped by our booth – Thank you! We truly hope you found value in our services.

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